Friday, March 30, 2012

Wolves v Bolton

So here we are, as we start to watch the sun set on what was our best start ever in the Premiership, at the very bottom, 4 points away from safety and with some hard (well being last means all games are going to be hard) games ahead of us.

Bolton next...what can we say...any chance...HA!

Having said that when I travelled up to Molineux to watch us play Manchester United I was so impressed by our fans, their singing, tongue in cheek lyrics and ability to laugh (let’s face it what else can we do) was overwhelming, it was a great to be there even losing 5-0. At least it looks like this was a lost game against the Champions, so not too bad.

I personally need to keep the faith and therefore am going for a Wolves win again! I am going to say we will get 2 in whilst Bolton will only mange the one. I will go further, Bolton will get the first one by the 40th minute but we will come back to score two, 1st by Fletcher and second from a corner resulting in Carl Henry (who hopefully will be there) smashing it into the back of the net! So my predication Wolves 2 – 1 Bolton

Mr Footie’s prediction is short and sweet this week...(either he’s tiring from being creative or his track record is quietening him down, either way he’s in our favour this week...

I’ll keep it simple this weekend.

This is 9 pointer!! Wolves have to win and will win 2-1. Prediction Wolves 2 – 1 Bolton

I base this purely on the fact that Wolves need is greater

I have just realised that we have agreed on the score and whilst I would normally change mine to accommodate his I do believe (and hope) that on this occasion we are right and therefore will leave it!

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