Sunday, May 22, 2011

YES 2011/12 here we come

What a finish to the season. It really can't get closer than that, can it? We survived and can now look forward to another year in top flight football, those bmibaby flights are still looking good.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Direct Flights to the East Midlands

Great news for local Wolves fans! bmibaby will be starting flights to the East Midlands in 2012. Whilst at this time there are only three flights a week proposed, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with a little luck this may well increase should there be the demand, I guess!

This will certainly make it easier for local fans to get together and travel up to Molineux to watch WOLVES IN THE PREMIERSHIP next year!

It would seem fares will begin at £39.99 so a real possibility! For more information see The Gibraltar Chronicle.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

3-1 Now Bring on Blackburn

One thing is for sure, when you are struggling for survival you really want it to be in your own hands and not left to the fate of others. Wolves are, at this time, in that very scenario, thanks to their AWESOME WIN TODAY, we can survive and we need no favours.

It's fair to say that when you are at the bottom and you look around and note that a few teams have to play the leaders there is a certain comfort in that they, in theory, should probably lose, up step Blackburn and Blackpool, two close teams that need to play Man U. But I guess when you think this theory up you need to consider other important factors, 1. have they won the league yet, 2. if not what do they need and 3. do they have any other competitions to play.

So if you consider those three points I guess the answer for Man U is, 1. have not won yet, 2. v Blackburn, we need one point and then we have won the league, 3. yes, we need to play the final Champions League match against Barcelona. So guess what, they got their 1 point, they won the league and now what would you do? Play your strongest team when you have already won the league and have the chance to rest your no.1 team in order to achieve the double, yes? I wonder if they do will they be fined like Wolves were when we played them last season, I wonder...?

Call me a cynic but I guess that in all likelihood Man U's next game will include players who have yet to play in the premiership and perhaps, just perhaps Blackpool might pull it off.

But so what, Wolves have it in their hands, they don't need and favours, they only need to win and its something I am sure we all believe they can do. Two wins against our arch rivals and then Sunderland, only the one left so BRING ON BLACKBURN...WE CAN DO IT and on our own, completely.

Well done Wolves...We BELIEVE, now go do it and lets look forward to next season in the Premiership!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Karl Henry interview in local paper

Gibraltar's local daily paper, The Gibraltar Chronicle, today published an interview with Wolves captain Karl Henry (unfortunately this article is not published online).

Obviously Wolves amazing win at the weekend, it being a local derby and coupled with our move out of relegation due to it has lead to The Chronicle's belief that Wolves should be mentioned rather than the usual top teams, and rightly so! Not only is there now a Gibraltar Supporters Club for the team but also mention within our local daily! I certainly hope we can pull it off and remain outside the relegation zone for the final two games....who knows we might get another word in the our local paper!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Now that's how you do it!

What an amazing result! 3-1 against West Brom, what a result! Its taken this long for me to get here and write something about it! A win on a Sunday will always make it impossible to write something on here until now!

Could this be just what the boys need to get through the next two games? Winning a local derby to give the boys the belief that it can be done! Of course it can be done! Now its up to MM and his team, we have no need to look for favours, all we need to do is win the next two. Possible? Of course it is! If Doyle is available, as they say he might be we now have two possibles. A little difficult for MM to decide after all Steven Fletcher has to make this call difficult, doesn't it? Oh and thank you Adlene Guedioura!

COME ON BOYS you can do this, its all to play for.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Still Possible!

Oh well, 1-1, that's the best the boys could pull off! Why oh why MM didn't take advantage of our extra man to put on a striker is beyond me. Why couldn't we have gone for a more attacking side the minute Birmingham went down to 10 men is something only MM can tell us.

Fortunately most of the games this last weekend ended in a similar fashion so its still very much to play for and it certainly looks like it really could go down to the final day.

Lets hope WWFC can pull it off and get in 3 wins!