Saturday, June 30, 2012

And the signings continue

It looks as if we are going for an all out strike force this season or there's going to be an exit of our current strikers which would be a shame! One thing's for sure, at least the squad is being revived and players will be fighting to get on the pitch, that has to be good news, hasn't it?

For further news on who's joined recently see here

I, for one, am looking forward to the start of the season, hopefully one where we win most of our games rather than wallow at the bottom of league and always upset after the game. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow seeing that we are not in the Premiership and of course fighting to remain at the top is always better but at least changes have been made, new signings on cards, and a new season ahead.

It's adopt, adapt and improve (as the RT slogan goes) time and with some hard work we hopefully will be back in the Premiership all that much stronger and wiser!


England out but Gibraltar favourites to win Shield!

Gibraltar recently beat the Isle of Man and are now favourites to win the Internatiional Shield.

For more see

BBC report here

Local report here

Monday, June 18, 2012

A couple of Thanks You's

I just wanted to thank, (and apologise for not being able to meet), David who contacted me as he was visiting the Rock, and as a London Wolves fan, was hoping to meet up. Unfortunately his visit was over the long Jubilee Weekend which made it impossible for me.

I am hoping that with time this site will get more of the local Wolves fans talking so that we will meet up to watch a few games and perhaps, in the future, be able to meet the odd few visiting fans for a beer or two.

My other thanks must go to Paul who as Supporter Liaison Officer at Wolves has contacted me to offer support to local fans. Locals take note!

Local Football - Portsmouth, Notts County, Isle of Man & Channel Islands,

The local football scene looks to be busy this year with four big games schedules over the coming months, time to get out there and buy the latest Gib strip!

From the information I have (and therefore not written in stone so please check with the National Teams Website before making any plans to get to any of the games) the fixtures are as follows:

June 28 - Gib v Isle of Man
June 30 - Gib v Channel Islands
July 20 - Gib v Portsmouth
July 30 - Gib v Notts County

If you are interested in being kept updated on all things football in Gibraltar its worth visiting Football Gibraltar, a great blog maintained by Daniel who constantly updates it with match reports and general footballing news.

Fixtures list out now!

We are still in the Euro with England hopefully getting through by Tuesday night and the new season is upon us, starting on the 18th August, with the fixtures list released this morning

As an overseas fan being relegated to the Championship League is hard due to the lack of coverage, however, looking through the league itself I do have a number of mates supporting other clubs which will make it interesting for me and provide for some discussion time over a pint! These include Leeds, Brighton and Bristol. 

So it makes the first and last game very interesting although I do hope that we are securely promoted before we play Brighton in May.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

And so it begins...Euro 2012 that is!

Seeing as my son is doing his GCSE's and all I do now is think in 'grades' I will compare Roy's performance to my sons!

Practice is over, Roy Hodgson has passed his mock exams with A's but now will be tested fully.

I think Roy should be given A's as he has won both games and kept clean sheets although he could have got A*s had he beaten them 2 or 3 nil. Let's face facts neither team beaten play at France or Sweden's level!

These are far tougher teams with far better attacking abilities who will break through any defence at some point during any game so 1 goal may not be enough.

I am personally of the opinion that our biggest problem is the depth of the squad. Let's face facts every team will have injuries, the main difference is that most of the other bigger teams have strength and experience further down the squad.

My prediction is L L W just scraping through to make it, as is often the case with England!

Then who know, one thing is for sure we will need A* performances!