Wolves & Gibraltar

I know that there are a number of local Wolves fans spanning right across all walks of life in Gibraltar. I believe local Wolves supporters include well known Musicians, as far as I understand a superb Drummer and Bassist perhaps, a Partner of a local law firm, a few kids I have seen wandering around town in the Wolves shirt, I believe a well known Doctor is as well, a Telecommunications Technician, and quite a few others who I do not know personally!

The question I have is why? Why are all these people Wolves fans? It is not that I am surprised that they support Wolves but rather why did they choose to do so when living so many miles away? And when I say miles I mean miles, 1767 miles from Gibraltar to Molineux (as calculated by Google maps).

There are a huge amount of Man U (which I think might have had a political motive going back quite a few years), Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs fans which is understandable in a way, some will have a link to the team be it their Dad/Mum or even Grandad/Grandma, who might have be born there or lived there for a while, or perhaps its just the fact that if you live 1767 miles away and enjoy football and are young and are looking to choose a team you will simply go for the best at that time.

Perhaps some local Wolves fans lived there for a while or were born nearby or studied there but most won't have so how come? My objective on this page is to hopefully establish the link Gibraltar has with Wolves and explain why there are quite a number of die hard supporters and even better, new young ones too!

I have some theories, Match of the Day back in the 50's and 60's being one but will leave that to another day.

If you support Wolves and are in Gibraltar or close by why not let me know your link to this fantastic Club!