Sunday, June 3, 2012

And so it begins...Euro 2012 that is!

Seeing as my son is doing his GCSE's and all I do now is think in 'grades' I will compare Roy's performance to my sons!

Practice is over, Roy Hodgson has passed his mock exams with A's but now will be tested fully.

I think Roy should be given A's as he has won both games and kept clean sheets although he could have got A*s had he beaten them 2 or 3 nil. Let's face facts neither team beaten play at France or Sweden's level!

These are far tougher teams with far better attacking abilities who will break through any defence at some point during any game so 1 goal may not be enough.

I am personally of the opinion that our biggest problem is the depth of the squad. Let's face facts every team will have injuries, the main difference is that most of the other bigger teams have strength and experience further down the squad.

My prediction is L L W just scraping through to make it, as is often the case with England!

Then who know, one thing is for sure we will need A* performances!

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