Sunday, May 13, 2012

And so we face the final curtain...

So today is it, our last Premiership game, our last performance, no encore!

Back to the Championship next season, back to following Wolves via news articles, write ups, and tweets (this is a new one for me as the last time we were in the Championship League I didn't have Twitter!)

As an overseas fan one of the hardest things to relegation is not being able to watch any matches. Whilst we have been in the Premiership almost every match is televised and by tuning in to some very odd TV stations we, the overseas supporters, were able to watch almost every match. Now it'll have to be late night highlights! It'll be highlights knowing the score and due to time differences, it'll be very late, known, highlights!

So this makes relegation all the more sour. Of course it's not as bad as some clubs and their difficulties, Rangers for one and Portsmouth who are still unsure if they will be around much longer!

On that note should they still be around in the summer they are scheduled to play against GFA, that is the Gibraltar Football Association, yes, Portsmouth are scheduled to fly down to Gibraltar and play the Gibraltar national side!

On the up side we do have a confirmed new manager coming in, with respect to TC I think this really needed to be looked at and whilst I don't know much about our new gaffer we did really need someone to
come in and take control. I am really pleased to hear that TC is likely to stay on after all he has given a lot to Wolves and I bet has a lot more to offer.

Again on the up side we have a new stand which looks amazing and more importantly no serious financial difficulties, surely a big thank you is owed to Steve Morgan and Jez for that!

Also on the up side WE ARE THE WOLVES and I feel confident that next season will result in more wins than losses (makes for a better season) and more excitement as we go for the title and in doing so get promoted to the Premiership once again!

So to end our season a win would be great, one last success in the Premiership before we bow out, reflect and rebuild, and come storming back into the Premiership come end of next season!


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