Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As the sun sets on the season our best players are off!

Oh well, we haven’t even got to the end of the season and most of our best players are off already, or rather, looking closely at their options...I realise we don’t stand a chance really but to already be looking at where they will be next season means the footy comes second, doesn’t it?

I can totally understand each individuals desire to remain in top flight football but when its being thought about whilst there’s still a few games to play and a very slim (almost non-existent I know) chance that we could stay up, yes I know we have to win every game and rely on others to lose so it’s certainly not likely...BUT it’s still possible!

What a season...start with flying colours, 7 points in three games...mid table here we come! Then it all went wrong and looking at us now is comical!

Struggle most of the season, kick out our manager without actually having a replacement well after the transfer window (sorry but doing this was ridiculous. I agreed with MM leaving but only if we did have a replacement with experience), now needing a Manager like MM to get us back up when we go down and to top it off lose our only defender (as in Hennessey to injury) for the last few games that we must win...hahahahahahaha its a comedy!

And now our best are all busy reading and I said in my last post Hennessey, Doyle, Fletcher and Jarvis are all sure to go, followed closely by the likes of Stevie Hunt!

Oh well next season we will hopefully be winning games, close to the top and watching some of the young talent coming through, (who we will then sell off), so it should make for better viewing all round.


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