Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wolves v Arsenal

Oh well...Mr Footie didn’t give a prediction for our last game as he thought in not doing so we might have had a chance!

If only our actions could change a matches result!

Well tonight it’s another big one, a top team wanting to stay in the top 3 and looking for the kill. If they score first a lot more will follow, I reckon our only hope is that we, Wolves, score first and then don’t concede in the next few minutes that follow (or almost concede as per our last match). If we do this and then keep our heads up and go all out for the second who knows, we might just win.

Obviously to manage that we would need to score another before they start getting theirs in...seeing as we can’t keep a clean sheet! I am not blaming Hennessey at all, I honestly believe he will be one who will be leaving us end of season when, in all likelihood we go down. In fact I think we have lost many a game by margins that could easily be doubled if it wasn’t for Hennessey, it’s our defence which I think should be questioned.

And on that note (as in players leaving) I wonder who else will be jumping ship...Jarvis, Fletcher? Obviously Doyle is already checking out his options with the rumours going round that both Southampton and Reading are interested!

The irony of all of this is the fact that the ideal manager to get us up to the Premiership (should we go down of course) could be someone like, erm....let me think...oh yes...Mick McCarthy! Oh the irony of football!

So whilst I have no prediction from Mr Footie for tonight’s game I will perhaps unrealistically predict a win to Wolves...Wolves 3 – 2 Arsenal! (hahahahahahhaha)

A hopeful (perhaps dreaming) Wolf!


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