Friday, March 23, 2012

Norwich v Wolves

Well it’s all going from bad to worse, there seems to be no hope of survival now! 12 goals against us in the last 3 games is not just a bad run but the end of realistically believing that we will pick up any points against the likes of  Norwich, Sunderland, Swansea, Everton, let alone the other two big boys still to play, Man C and Arsenal! I guess we could hopefully get a point against Wigan come last game but then what relevance will that have.

That’s my moaning over!

So what about the Norwich game...well realistically I can’t see us winning but I can’t help hoping, dreaming, wishing that the boys will pull it off and not only get us a point but go as far as scoring 3. They can do it so until the lady sings at sunset I can only but shout COME ON YOU WOLVES! My hopeful prediction is Norwich 1 – 2 Wolves (Jarvis and Fletcher to score).

Here’s Mr Footie’s prediction:

Well for the first time I picked the right result last Sunday (hardly a surprise). The manner of Wolves surrender without a wimper did shock me. Don’t think it would have happened on Big Mick’s watch?

Morgan needed to take decisive action after the Blackburn game but didn’t and TC looks set to remain in charge for the remainder of the season. This is a decision which in my view, all but seals Wolves fate. A real man motivator is what’s needed to lift a flagging team and TC does not appear to be that man.

Norwich have been in decent form this season and I can see them running out 3-1 winners this weekend.

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