Friday, March 16, 2012

Wolves v Man U (and I'm there!)

This is my annual trek to Molineux...some say why travel 1604 miles to watch us get thrashed, well if I am to be truthfully honest, why not, why not go and see the BIG ONE - Premiership leaders v 2nd from bottom by 1 point. 

Lets be honest, if we continue like this we are not likely to win a game so I might as well go to a top flight game where I get to see the potential Premiership Champions play my team, that's got to better than watching a Blackburn beat us 2-0 at home! 

And then if you think about it, our record shows, that we tend to perform better against the top 6 than the remaining 13, so who knows, could this be the one, the one win that we all talk about when we are watching us play in the Championship League next season. 

Apologies, that's really quite negative and frankly we can still make it, we can pull it off, without help from anyone else, we can survive, we just need to believe and this could be the one that counts, the one that starts our survival run for the rest of the season.

So to the predictions, here's Mr Footies (hopefully he will be as wrong as he always has been, and by that I mean wrong in our favour!):

I am 0 out of 3 so far since these predictions began. In fact I was more accurate with my prediction for my own team!

The major surprise ahead of this weekend’s fixture is that TC is still in charge. The papers last Sunday were full of “Sacked after 3 games” headlines!! Thankfully, rumours about Gary Megson replacing him were just that!!!

Given the way the respective teams are playing this looks a nailed on away win and now that they have their noses in front in the title race, I don’t see United taking the foot off the gas in this game.

Wolves 0-3 United.

Great, that's a great (not) prediction but its a lot better than Mr Man U who today predicted, after a brief conversation, that the score would be:

Wolves 1-4 United

I suppose they are quite similar, after all they are both a win by 3 goals only difference is giving us a consolidation goal. He was quite sure that we would get one!

Well here's mine...The shocker of the season, talk of a third manager coming in, a Chairman who has faced the crowds (and frankly I personally think its not right to hit him as a scouser mafia, lets be honest he's invested in the development of the stadium, spent, apparently only less than the top 6 teams in the Premiership, and from what I have read has also pumped in some serious monies into the community in Wolverhampton. If that's right then Steve Morgan is doing a reasonable job, he's only got it wrong now by not having a real replacement for MM but then again would we survive with MM still there?), and then go on to beat Manchester Untied! 

Yes I said it BEAT MAN U! Rooney will get a goal and probably two so I will go for: 

Wolves 3-2 United


PS Keep an eye out for the one fan holding up the Gibraltar Flag (and take pity for him if he's travelled the 1604 miles only to see them lose and maybe lose big time, but hey that's what make a fan)

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