Friday, March 1, 2013

Lets hope it's been worth the wait

As with many, the change of manager was hopeful, as per the view of most, the change has meant nothing. Therefore I can only conclude that it is not the manager that needs changing but rather the team, the players themselves as I suggested in my last write up, unless they change, unless they perform, unless they prove they are worthy to wear the shirt.

Living in Gibraltar means that we rely on televised matches to follow our club and the further down we go in divisions the less matches we get to see...I don't think any of the 1st division are shown so its back to rugby full time, perhaps, next season unless they believe.

Tonight's game is a rare opportunity to watch our Wolves overseas, even rarer as we are actually at home! Our last game, played on Sunday was not televised so even when we don't play at the weekend doesn't mean that overseas fans can get to see a game!

So tonight is a treat...or at least we hope it is. How many games without a win, how many losses, and struggling to survive in the Championship rather than fighting for automatic promotion!

I have said before that what we need is a few players to come in and take the reins, not one or two. One or two only means that they get sucked into the negativeness of the rest of the players. Alternatively we need them to believe, we need them to realise that they wear black and gold because they can, because they are able, because they have been chosen, because they do come out of the darkness and in the darkness we are now!

Come on boys, make the home crowd proud, make the overseas fans proud, be proud, you are Black & Gold, YOU ARE WOLVES!

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