Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gibraltar Football Association UEFA Bid

The Gibraltar Football Association is one of the oldest FA's in the world and is bidding to become a full member of UEFA on the 24th May 2013. 

The following is an email which I received and explains our situation and bid perfectly well...

Dear All,


If you're football fan (or even if you're not) and you 'like' one page all year, please make it this one. Gibraltar is bidding to become a full member of UEFA and the campaign needs your support to succeed. The vote will take place on the 24 May in London. The Gibraltar Football Association is one of the world's oldest FAs (founded in 1895) but for political reasons it has been denied full membership and the chance to compete with other European nations. All we are asking for is the opportunity for our best players to represent their country on the international stage. That is all that any child wants when they first start kicking a ball and dreaming of glory. Please 'like' and share the page, tell your friends, and if you happen to have access to UEFA officials, bend their ears! This is our chance, 'We're ready!' 


Have a look at the links below and SUPPORT THE GFA's bid to join UEFA.




1.The Team54 campaign main website:


2.We're ready Facebook page :

            3. Youtube :



And Here are a few links to the individual  film shorts 




3.The Main We're ready Film  and Team 54 website:







More films to come….Keep watching this space for updates 9.

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