Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Now is this worth writing about?

I haven't written for sometime now...the reason...nothing positive to write about. Now there is hope and hope brings with it the possibility to be positive. A change, a serious change, and hope that this will be a new dawn for Wolves and all Wolves fans and, certainly, the ability to be positive, at least for a while!

Could this 'while' convert into medium, and god help us, long term positiveness? Or is it more likely to be the usual change followed by relegation? Could Wolves end up playing in the 1st division come August 2013? Could we build a space station on the moon? Lol I guess the answer to all these is yes and this is where 'hope' falters!

We needed a change, just as we did when MM was sent home (a mistake in my view without having a confirmed replacement), as its far easier to change the Manager rather than the team! However, I think there are two issues with the change this time round.

First it is a shame that the speed with which this change has happened didn't occur when we were in the Premiership. I do believe something had to give and easiest is to go for the Manager but, and this is a big but, Wolves should have had a replacement in line pretty much waiting with pen in hand to sign the contract and personally I feel Curbishley should have been that man! It's obviously easy for me to say this from the comfort of my home without any form of proving me wrong, wrong in the sense that Curbishley would have been wrong for the Club as we will never know, but hey we were in the Premiership, fighting for survival and we didn't have an incoming Manager! I pity Terry Conor as it was always going to be a lose, lose situation for a man who gave so much to this club.

Secondly, and with the utmost respect for Dean Saunders, is a non proven Premiership, even Championship Manager what Wolves need today?

Let me expand on that. I have always believed, and in fact to my expense, that the up and coming man should be given the chance, the chance to prove himself, to show his capabilities, to show he is able to perform at a level higher than he usually does. Basically to grow, to expand their business, their profile, to risk it and go for it. It is so easy for the 'coach potato' to laugh at another's attempts and failures but he will always be a coach potato! Worse still is when the little man is successful the coach potato suggests that is was 'luck' rather than drive, passion and desire! But is that what Wolves want, to give the little man a chance? With the greatest respect again to DS it does seem so. (Oh I do hope I have to swallow my words as DS proves me wrong! There's hope coming through and with it positiveness!)

Where am I going with this you may ask? Well I tried it with some building works at home and ended up losing money for supporting the 'little man', but is that what Wolves are wanting to do too? Wolves are a somewhat more serious issue than my loft conversion surely! Is the idea that if we get a non-premiership Manager we will find that rare individual who just happens to be the next Alex Ferguson? If that's what we are waiting for then, hey, we could have a long wait!

My personal opinion is that there are great Championship Managers, those who can get a club out of the Championship but not really keep them in the Premiership. These are the guys you want at Championship level, managers ready to fight tooth and nail to get their team up, managers with experience in this field, managers who do it all the time! Then there are managers who can keep a team up, mid table, fit for survival and with a little investment keep the team up. And then there are managers who, without millions, can keep their teams challenging for the top positions, these are the elite and not what I would expect Wolves to employ just yet! But at the very least a manager with a track record in the Championship Division and perhaps some Premiership experience!

If DS is not the next up and coming super manager then it's a lot to ask of him, having never managed a Premiership team before, to get Wolves up there. Don't get me wrong, I am hopeful, positive and willing that DS is the man, but realistically, without much money to buy top flight players? I was just as hopeful with Glen Hoddle, Dave Jones, Mick McCarthy and even Terry Connor (I hoped Terry would surprise all and sundry and prove to be that rare thing that is a great manager in the wings, waiting for the opportunity to prove themselves, but no, no again).

Top flight players, now that's the next issue! It's all very well looking at the managers and changing them but what's the common denominator here? Dave Jones got us up, Mick got us up, that's 2 managers since the beginning of the Premiership in 1992 everyone else in-between has failed and yet we change them? Should we not be looking at the players perhaps? What can a manager do if the players aren't able, capable, or willing? As I said before, it is easier (and far cheaper), to change 1 man than a number of them! Change the manager but what about the team?

Well that's enough from me...I hope, that in 2015, I will look back at this and think to myself what a complete load of rubbish I wrote! DS is the best guy we could have hoped for now that we are sitting mid table in the Premiership with the opportunity of getting into Europe! Steve Morgan certainly put his money where his mouth is, allowed DS to buy the players he needed and, wow, we are the team the top flight Clubs worry about and with respect, support and great positiveness for taking on DS I say WE ARE WOLVES....COME ON YOU WOLVES!

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