Friday, February 24, 2012

No one wants the Job!

Well I have to say I was one that thought something needed to change, something had to happen at the Club which would act as a catalyst to get us up and running again, winning games and earning those points to stay up without the constant fear of relegation!

A lot has been said about Mick McCarthy being good for the Club and I certainly agree with this, in his years he has taken us up to the Premiership and managed to keep us there. The only issue is, can he keep us there, only just! It seems he just hasn’t got what it takes to get the team up to mid table, which after all is what we should expect after a few seasons, isn’t it? As far as I am aware he’s had reasonable funds to buy players, in fact I think Wolves are kind of mid-table in the monies spent league but yet we are in the relegation zone in the league proper.

If that’s correct then surely we should be getting more for our buck. 
Taking the above into consideration and having given Mick enough time to prove his worth as a Premiership Manager, (certainly a fantastic Championship Manager and no doubt we will see him in the Premiership once again when he successfully steers a Championship team through promotion), it is time for a change, the problem now is who and here I think Steve Morgan’s plan has gone horribly wrong, no one seems to want the job!

I am not sure I understand why Steve and Alan Curbishley can’t agree. I say Alan Curbishley as it is quite obvious that this was the man that Steve had in mind. Surely it’s a win-win situation for any Manager.

The way I see it and think it should be done is...come and manage a Premiership side which is in the relegation zone for a few games, keep them up and you’re a hero (oh and let’s put a great big bonus for managing that) fail and they go down, where they were headed anyway and you can walk away and carry on looking for a Premiership job. I just feel that I would snap that up, keep this team up and be a hero in a position to now negotiate great terms for a new contract with them, not survive and walk away having spent a few weeks back in the game earning good money and not losing any face as no one can possibly say you failed, surely that’s a win-win situation!

A mate of mine just sent me these two links...
Caretaker manager Terry Connor is set to get the Wolves job for the rest of the season after former Rangers boss Walter Smith turned down an approach from the Molineux club.

However, the club are considering whether to target former manager Dave Jones.

Both of these stories I find quite amusing, I mean to fire MM without actually having someone ready to step in I find ridiculous after all I would certainly rather have MM there fighting the cause than no manager at all, I mean I think he had to go but only if you had someone for the job otherwise let Mick stay, he’s a fighter and would have done his all to keep us up, to get rid of him and appoint no one makes no sense!

The second link well.....I almost feel like letting Steve Morgan know that there’s another great Manager out there who frankly does have fight in him, is great at Championship level and I know he’s out of a job at the moment...his name...MICK McCARTHY, maybe you could approach him too!

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