Friday, February 24, 2012

Match Prediction - Gib Wolves v Guest Expert

I have accepted a challenge by one of my Footy mates where he challenges me in predicting our next result. As you have probably guessed he is not a Wolves fan so will probably favour the opposition most of the time. However to be fair to him he is quite realistic and frankly where we are now I think only the really optimistic Wolves fan believes we are going to beat Newcastle!

He has asked that I refer to him as Gibraltar’s Football Expert but I do think that’s a bit much, he could certainly be ONE of Gibraltar’s Football Expert’s or a Football Expert in Gibraltar but to believe he is Gibraltar’s Football Expert is a bit much so I will have to think something up for future predictions, but until then here is his for this weekend...

Newcastle will be desperate to erase the memory of their recent thrashing by Spurs. Sadly I can see Wolves feeling a backlash tomorrow as their defence struggles to cope with Demba Ba and Cisse. The customary goal for Fletcher is merely a consolation. Newcastle United 3-1 Wolves.

I (optimistically) believe Wolves will win this one. They are recovering from the worst two weeks of football in a long time having been thrashed by their neighbours, losing their manager, admitting that they (the players) are also at fault, unable to appoint anyone new and having to promote Terry Connor who has been there for years now to manager in order to finish off the season...if there has ever been a reason to prove yourself, this has to be it and bear in mind that Wolves often play best against the top tier teams so my prediction Newcastle 2-3 Wolves (loads of attacking play, Fletcher 2, Jarvis 1).

Oh and to add a bit of irony to the whole thing, the last time Wolves beat Newcastle away was on the 7th February 1959...Mick McCarthy’s Birthday!

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