Saturday, September 22, 2012

A clean sheet

Finally a clean sheet and a win too! 

So much sport has been on since I last posted, the Olympics, the Paralympics and a win for Andy Murray, now that's saying something....well done Andy! Team GB did any Brit proud in both the Olympics and Paralympics and to watch the passion, desire and want to win in these sportsmen and women was truly impressive. One that really stuck in my mind was Kate Walsh and her determination to continue, and then win the ladies hockey with a broken jaw!  You have to admit this does call into question the strength of many a footballer when they go down after tripping over their own feet! 

Having said that, Wolves are finally managing to do something right, two wins and a clean sheet is starting to look good. I do like Stale's signing of Zubar, Nouble and Boukari and without a doubt Sako can he strike a ball or what, seems to be a good one, they all seem to want to win and work hard. With a little luck, as Stale said in his last interview, maybe it's our turn to have some, we could a few more wins in and the league?!

A win today against Peterborough could see us move right up the table and really give the opportunity to challenge for top spot come the end of the season. It is usually these games, the ones against the bottom team that hadn't won a game yet, that comes back to haunt us end of season. Normally I would say Peterborough haven't won yet but knowing our luck they will today, but yet today I feel that we could keep our game up and win...we always seem to play so much better against strong teams and then lose it all against the lesser teams, but not today, no not today.

Finally I must just say thank you to Terry Connor, what a position to find yourself in come end of a season. An impossible task...frankly very unfair to take a coach make him manager because you, the board didn't actually have anyone ready to step in, and then end his career at Wolves because he didn't manage to turn the team around! Laughable almost if it wasn't for the seriousness of a man losing his job!

Here's hoping we can make a 'run' of our success and win our third game...COME ON YOU WOLVES!

My prediction...Peterborough 1 Wolves 3 (hopeful?)

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