Friday, September 9, 2011

Possible 10 points 4 games in

Frankly that's an amazing statement!

Whilst I agree with Mick's comment that, 'with all due respect to the teams we have played we have yet to play one of the top 6 teams' it's still every Wolves dream to have 7 already, irrelevant of who we've played.

How often do bottom of the league teams, come end of season, wish they had secured early points in the season, I know I have year on year, always looking back at the beginning of the season and regretting the easy lost points.

Well not this year! It's a great start and one which, with focus, desire and a little luck will mean we won't be sitting on the edge of our seats watching the various results coming in on the last day in the hope we survive.

This year, I hope, come end of season I'll be watching the last game without concern of relegation, and just hopeful we finish with a win.

I say this but if things keep going this well it may be just as much a white knuckled, pulsating, nerves on the edge match when a win might mean Europe, Champions League or the Premiership itself!

I know, I know, there's a long way to go yet, 35 more games, but I said in my last write up, there's always the dream and right now don't wake me!!

COME ON YOU WOLVES a win would make Gib's Wolves fans National Day celebrations all the better tomorrow!

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